Google’s most recent “Helpful Content Update” is created to target and eliminate low-quality content that does not offer any true value for users. This blog post explains the update and presents a few tips to ensure compliance.What is Helpful Content? Content that contributes to a rewarding user experience can be deemed helpful. Google’s ‘Helpful Content Update’ is an amazing and much-needed development for those who create content that offers real value to users. With this update, articles and websites will become more visible and easily accessible for users seeking relevant information.To sum it up, this update strives to:Wipe out content created with the sole intent of increasing search engine rankings Deprioritize any articles and websites that don’t provide any valuable or useful information to the reader and prioritize content that is helpful Encourage content that is beneficial to readers by rewarding those who create it As a result, this change will benefit both users and content creators by improving the Google user experience. We can anticipate seeing more of ‘helpful’ contents presented in Google’s search outcomes as time progresses.Tips to Ensure Compliance Ensure your website has a definitive goal or purpose to maximize user engagementHaving a clear goal in mind is essential for any website or blog’s success. Knowing precisely what you want to achieve will help guide your content and provide meaningful direction when it comes to crafting effective strategies.A cooking blog, for instance, could have the main purpose of teaching people how to cook. A travel blog might aim at assisting readers in planning their perfect vacations. If you want to create content that your target audience will find useful, it is essential to have a clear and concise purpose in mind.Keep User Intent In Mind When Writing Content When creating content, it is important to always keep the user intent in mind. This means considering why someone might be searching for a particular keyword and ensuring that your article answers their query. For example, if someone searches “how to make the perfect omelet”, they are looking for an answer to their question – not an article about the history of eggs!Optimize Your Content For Readability Google’s update is focused on improving user experience, so optimizing your content for readability should be at the top of your list when creating content. This includes making sure your articles are easy to scan with clear headings and bullet points, writing concise sentences and paragraphs, and using visuals to break up the text.Google’s ‘Helpful Content Update’ is an opportunity for websites to create content that provides real value to readers. By understanding the update, its impact on SEO, and how to create helpful content, you can ensure your website is in line with Google’s algorithm changes.The team of content writing experts at USEO are highly skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to creating content that is in line with Google Helpful Content update. Our expertise in Search Engine Optimization combined with content creation skills means that your website will be seen by the right people and rank higher in SERPs. With an extensive understanding of SEO best practices, our content writers know how to craft effective copy that is optimized for maximum visibility and impact.

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